Palau, Swim with the Jellyfish

A breathtaking sunset
A breathtaking sunset

Palau, Micronesia is one of the two places in the world where one can actually swim amongst the jellyfish. Jellyfish Lake is an area with 10 million non-stinging jellyfish, varying in size from a strawberry to a soccer ball.

The slimy feeling as these jellyfish brushed against my arms and legs made me uneasy and quite squeamish at first. I could feel my heart racing as I cautiously entered the waters. I wanted so badly to enjoy this experience and share the enthusiasm of my fellow travelers, who were not struggling in the same way. I was reminded to take deep breaths, and was relieved when eventually, I too could appreciate the splendor of the experience.

Palau, an island in the South Pacific, is considered a paradise for diving, but Palau offers so much more. Palau is a favorite spot for the taping of the reality television series Survivor, it has the only shark sanctuary of its kind in the South Pacific, and its Rock Islands are on the Unesco World Heritage List.

The Rock Islands

Palau’s Rock Islands are uninhabited limestone islands of volcanic origin. They cover 1000 square kilometers and include 445 uninhabited limestone islands. They boast 385 species of coral, and many unique species of plants, birds and marine life, including 13 species of sharks. The Rock Islands have the highest concentration of marine lakes anywhere in the world.

Our first day was spent kayaking in the Rock Islands where we were alone with nature. There were no other kayaks, boats or people within our vision for miles in every direction, and the experience immediately drained the stress of city living out of my body.

Marine Life

The pristine water had brilliant colors ranging from different shades of blue to breathtaking translucent turquoise. We got to know the waters intimately within a couple of days, snorkeling, swimming in the lagoons, touring the jungle and visiting the dolphin sanctuary. We encountered turtles, manta rays, parrot fish and small sharks. This breathtaking array of marine life was like paradise under water.

Free Spa Treatment of the Milky Way

We experienced the wonderful natural spa treatment of the Milky Way Lagoon. The bottom of this lagoon is covered with limestone mud, giving the water a creamy sheen and a cloudy mystique. This limestone mud is believed to have therapeutic effects on the body.

We dipped in the warm waters, smothered the mud all over our bodies and faces. We waited five minutes for the mud to dry in order for the therapeutic effects to soak in. Once the mud dried, we rinsed it off , and of course, immediately looked for signs of a more youthful appearance!

Palau – it’s so much more than a diver’s paradise!