La Mamounia, Marrakech Netflix Hit Inventing Anna Repeats “Best Hotel in the World”

“The best hotel in the world” is repeated multiple times, in the Netflix blockbuster, Inventing Anna. She is spot on! The stunning architecture, decor, and gardens is beyond breathtaking! In this Netflix hit, the jet setter Anna Delvey, dashes off to Marrakech, for a stay at the world renowned, legendary property and former royal palace, La Mamounia. Many guests agree with Anna, “why would you want to leave the best hotel in the world?”

Number 1 in its class for ultra-luxury, La Mamounia was frequented by guests including royalty, celebrities and political elite, including the Rolling Stones, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Caroline of Monaco. Sir Winston Churchill famously described the property as ‘the most lovely spot in the whole world’.


The property was a gift from a Sultan to his son the Prince as a wedding gift in the 18th century. The prince transformed the property as a venue for the most lavish parties of the time - think Great Gatsby.

A symbol of traditional Moroccan hospitality at its finest. Opulent interiors include elegant old world charm, mosaic tiles, sculptures, rich Berber tapestries. Perfectly manicured grounds of lemon, orange and olive trees. span 17 acres.

Upon arrival, a traditional almond milk with the essence of orange blossom accompanied by the finest medjool dates sets the tone, as check in is individualized and without delay.

Palatial Luxury Rooms

Be prepared to be mesmerized by the traditional, authentic, richly decorated rooms. With 135 rooms, 71 suites, and 3 private villas, the property is ideal for couples or families.

From one’s room, it’s a spiritual experience to hear the chanting from the mosques at various times of day. At dawn, prepare to be serenaded by countless birds, as they enjoy the gardens of La Mamounia.

A Concierge Desk for Dreams Come True

Many guests of La Mamounia dream of rare experiences, and its concierge staff will try to make magic to help realize these dreams.

For example, Yves St. Laurent’s former villa, is closed to the general public. However, if arranged in advance, the concierge can arrange a private tour for the price of a donation.

There are always the birthdays, engagements and wedding extravaganzas that can be arranged in special, private areas of the hotel. Consider the guests who wanted to be invited to a traditional Moroccan wedding. Then there’s the guest who at the last minute, wanted to take home a sample of argan plants, which are grown 4 hours away from Marrakech. The concierge staff makes it happen.

Gastronomy at its Finest

Post covid, the buffet is back and at La Mamounia it’s grander than ever. Breakfast, served poolside, is an absolute feast for the eyes. For dinner, the property offers 4 gourmet restaurants, each with its own distinct style.

For a completely authentic Moroccan experience, dine at Le Marocain and be serenaded by live, traditional music. Start with a hearty soup of tomato base, with lentils and traditional spices, called harira. Follow with a pastilla of pigeon, delicately prepared to perfection. The sea bass tajine with prunes and garnish of eggplant and fennel, is sweet and flavorful. Desert, a scrumptious selection of Moroccan pastries is made from a base of almonds, honey, dates and pistachios.

For other dining experiences consider the 2 restaurants by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. L’Asiatique for Asian food, with its expansive menu including sushi, dim sum and Thai classics. L’Italien for Italian, offers classic options. Additionally, Le Pavillon de la Piscine offers epicurean pleasures.

The famous Churchill Bar, exudes charm and sophistication. Named after Winston Churchill, who called La Mamounia home and loved to paint mountains from the hotel. The bar serves the finest champagne and caviar in the world.


No visit to La Mamounia would be complete without a ceremonial Moroccan hammam, to promote fresh skin and stimulate blood circulation. This skin transforming ritual is part of the essential experience that defines Moroccan culture, and is performed weekly by locals.

The hammam ritual involves: i) a 15 minute steam at up to 45 degrees celsius, to open pores. ii) a “black soap” resembling a mud like substance is slathered on the body to prepare for exfoliation. iii) the body is scrubbed with a kessa glove (exfoliation mitten) that removes dead skin. iv) a massage of argan oil with eucalyptus essences, leaves the skin soft as silk

The spa offers services including facials, hair, nails, as well as a fitness room / tennis courts with individual coaching.

More to Know on Anna

Although there’s a lot of Hollywood in the portrayal of Anna Delvey’s story at La Mamounia, there’s 110% truth in her statement that this is one of the best hotels in the world!


  1. Consider an upgrade to a suite, on a high floor, facing the garden.
  2. Book a 2 hour hammam / massage treatment in advance of your stay.
  3. Consider hiring a private coach to jog the gardens of the property.
  4. Red clay tennis courts are available. Book a private tennis coach in advance.
  5. Dress for women is stylish and elegant. Bring swim suits and evening wear.
  6. Capture the aroma that fills the halls of La Mamounia by buying candles and diffusers from the hotel.
  7. If on an organized tour with hotels to Marrakech, consider adding an extra night or 2 to experience this property.
  8. Do as Anna did, and don’t leave the property!

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