Welcome to Nature’s Paradise - Selvaggio Blu, Sardinia, Italy

Monterosso volo
Monterosso volo

“Welcome to Nature’s Paradise” should be the national slogan for Sardinia, Italy. Sardinia’s Selvaggio Blu, is easily the most spectacular and most scenic trek in all of Italy. Situated between the glorious Mediteranean Sea and high rocky planes of Golgo, this trek offers spectacular views.

The Selvaggio Blu manages to be one of Italy’s best kept secrets for unspoiled nature, despite its claim as the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a short flight from major cities in Italy, thus making for an easy stopover on a trip to Italy.

Sardinia is best known for the Costa Smeralda, a tourist destination for the superrich and famous. With its white sand beaches, golf clubs and exclusive hotels, the Costa Smeralda was virtually unknown until 1961, when it was developed by Prince Karim Aga Khan, once described by Forbes as one of the world’s ten richest royals.

Only a few hours drive from the Costa Smeralda, the Selvaggio Blu, translated as the “wild blue”, provides a completely different type of escape. The Selvaggio Blu is a backpacking trekking adventure that could be described as spiritual and awe inspiring. This region remains one of Sardinia’s few undeveloped pockets.

The thirty undulating and challenging miles take 6 full days of trekking to complete and runs on top of a remote limestone coast passing through forests, caves and rivers. The dramatic terrain is made up of a labyrinthine of paths that end abruptly at the edge of high sea cliffs or deep gorges, making it necessary to climb or walk on via-ferratas. Walls of limestone jet out 4 stories high, creating a magnificent contrast to the bright crisp, blue of the sea below.

The path is laced with olive trees, wild rosemary and thyme, stone shepherds’ huts, quiet coves and steep limestone inlets. Thousands of feet below, the Mediterranean Sea sparkle as a number of remote beaches sit tucked into the limestone folds along the coast.

The knowledge and experience of our expert mountain guides arranged by tour Operator, Dolomite Mountains (www.DolomiteMountains.com), was essential to enhance the experience, and to ensure our safety. Trails are not well marked, maps are unreliable and there is precious little drinking water and flat ground.

Given that the terrain can be a challenge for overnight camping, our guides arranged for us to be picked up at the end of every day and driven to the comfort of a hotel in the area. When the sea cooperates, the guides could arrange for a boat to escort trekkers back to the main village.

Our guides packed us great meals, water, and brought along whatever equipment we might need. One day our guides had arranged a decadent feast in a nearby shepherds hut – with several kinds of pecorino cheese, chilled wine, suckling pig, and farm fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. They made sure to push us as far as our comfort levels would allow.


  1. The best time to hike in Sardinia is the spring or fall. The summers may experience scorching heat and the winters may be too chilly.
  2. No previous climbing or repelling experience is required to participate. A guide arranged through Dolomite Mountains will be sure to consider experience and comfort levels when mapping out appropriate trails. That being said, participants should be fit to walk on steep and rocky paths.
  3. The only piece of equipment needed is a good pair of hiking shoes.
  4. If your travel schedule doesn’t allow for 6 days to complete the entire trek, an expert guide from Dolomite Mountains can plan for a shorter schedule.
  5. The journey can be tailored to a family activity. Simplify your planning by contacting Dolomite Mountains tour operator in advance of your trip to Sardinia. Their expertise and personal touch can be key to creating a hassle free, memorable adventure.

For those with a sense of adventure, the Selvaggio Blu is an experience with heart!

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